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Welcome to Banstead District Scouts

Banstead District nestles between London and Surrey.  It is a part of Surrey Scout County and the UK Scout Association.

We are an active District with a variety of groups which have Beaver Colonies (6 - 8 years), Cub Packs (8 - 10½ years) and Scout Troops 10½ - 14 years) .  We have 2 Explorer Units (14 - 18 years) and a Network (18 - 25 years).  Boys and girls are welcome to join in every section.

The groups meet throughout the year, each at their own HQ. They also meet together for shared activities within the District and the County from time to time.

We are very proud to be members of Scouting and we hope there is something that we have that appeals to you.


Banstead Scouts History Project

Were you ever in Scouting in Banstead as a young person or a leader?

Have a wander down memory lane and share your memories with us! Click here to find out more: Banstead Scouts History Project

Celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouts in 2016

In 2016 the UK will commemorate one hundred years of the Cub Scout section with local and national celebrations. In Banstead District we are planning an overnight adventure to Chessington World of Adventure Resort, a day at the County Celebration of Cubs that is SCRAM and in December a party to bring our amazing year to an end.

If you'd like to join the fun contact your local cub pack today!

For more details about the 100th birthday of Cub Scouts, click here.

The Supreme Box Kart Championship!

Cubs from three packs in Banstead District joined cubs from 5 other counties to take part in the Supreme Box Kart Championship 2016 at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.  This was the first time for some of the Banstead packs and 1st Woodmansterne, who have been attending for several years, led the way!  Have a look at the event gallery below!  (Pictures include Cubs from other Surrey Scout Districts too!)

The Explorers Visit Poland!

The Central European Jamboree was a worldwide gathering of Explorer Scouts mainly from Europe, in Wroclaw, Poland. From Banstead 14 Banstead District Explorers and 2 Tadworth District Explorers went. We spent 8 nights on camp.  Adam Heard-White takes up the story.

“On the first day we set up camp and had pizza. Some of the Banstead girls sung “Cha Cha Slide” for karaoke, and the rest of BDE joined in by dancing (and getting a lot of funny looks). The morning after we all embarrassed ourselves we travelled into the city. As the senior scout I navigated all 16 Explorer through Wroclaw. We watched a wonderful fire show before the red festival in which we sang the CEJ song for the first time.

The next day we tie-dyed t-shirts and wax painted on bags. By day four we played “The Lost Painter”, which was a game that involved doing different tasks in international groups of ten Explorers. The following day we got a two-hour train to the Polish mountains before BDE showed the landscape who was boss. We ascended the height with some friendly Egyptians. We did some proper rock climbing (we still had harnesses), before sharing a camp fire with the Egyptians then all of BDE staying in one room in a lovely youth hostel. The next day we came back to camp before learning some traditional Lebanese dances that night.

For international day there were many different stalls, which we could do to collect stickers from. All the GB units teamed up to run a football shootout, cheese tasting, and a Countdown based game. Banstead and Tadworth performed the (now famous) penguin song on the main stage. In the evening we had a paint party, involving throwing powered paint. This was to show that although we are all different, all Scouts combine to be part of one great power. I most enjoyed our final night as we stayed up all night, in our sleeping bags stargazing and talking, only to get up at 3:00 am to leave camp. After I spent 60% of my Polish money in the duty free, I slept for the whole plane journey – I don’t remember take-off or landing!”

7th Banstead Celebrate the Cub Centenary

This year we’ve seen the anniversary of 100 years of cub scouting  –  and to celebrate the occasion, the Cubs were set 100 challenges to complete throughout 2016!  These have included attending a 1916 evening, making a birthday cake, attending Cub Camp, 100 Good Turns, collecting 100 pennies for charity and burying a time capsule.

Community Boat Garden

In particular, one of these challenges was to bring in a flower to plant, and with the help of all the cubs we created a community boat garden, using one of our old boats. The Beavers also helped by growing sunflowers to make a colourful backdrop. The community boat garden, with its commemorative plaque, now sits at the front of Banstead Methodist Church, and is a peaceful spot to rest in.  The cubs will continue to care for the garden as part of their ‘Our World’ Challenge award.

Centenary Exhibition

As part of the celebration, 7th Banstead Cub’s also hosted a Centenary Exhibition in September. The exhibition was both a celebration of Cub Scouting History & the 72nd Anniversary of the group, focusing on the way that Banstead and Scouting at 7th has changed (or not changed as many photos show) throughout the years.  

The exhibition was also a fantastic way to showcase the exciting things that all the children have been doing throughout the year, which has included the ‘Local Knowledge’ and ‘Photography’ badges. The Centenary Exhibition was attended by current and past Scouters, as well as members of the Church congregation and parents.